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"Incremental Improvements"

"Incremental Improvements" is a book for anybody who has made the wise decision to improve their life but might be facing the challenge to stay the course.
Mr. Brodsky offers - in straightforward language - strategies for implementing minor, gradual, barely perceptible changes in one's daily routine - in everything from finances to relationships to career and health - that will make these changes not only seem surmountable but, once applied, will barely seem like changes at all. These "incremental improvements" steadily grow over time and become ingrained in your regular routine, each day bringing you closer to success.
The book is also arranged in such a manner that, once you've finished it, you can go back and easily reference any chapters if you need a refresher.
If you've found yourself unable to clear the hurdles of a new resolution or if you've been hesitating to take those seemingly formidable steps toward improving your life and the lives of others, your first incremental improvement should be to read this book.
- Dennis M.
I loved every page of this book! The book is written in easy to understand language. It gives a reader a lot to think about. I would say in some way it opens your eyes to what are you doing with your life and how one small thing can change your entire life. I liked how the book is divided in few different topics and each topic is explain completely. I would definitely recommend it to everyone who is looking for some change in their life!
- Sandra B.
This book was interesting and easy-to-read. The ideas within it seem like they would be helpful to someone wanting to gain permanent improvements in his/her life. Some of the suggestions seemed like common sense, but, in reality, some people may still need to hear them.
- Emily D.
I have seen many self help books. I am a nurse, a recovering addict (8 years sobriety), and and in my first semester of college in hopes of achieving an associates degree in behavioral science. So many books seem overwhelming in both size and recommended course of action. This one is a little over 150 pages and has brief chapters on a variety of areas that one may need help. This books outlines the "little steps make a big difference" approach. This isn't an in depth guide to any one area but it is a great all purpose guide great for anyone who wants to try and better their life.
- Jessica
I found this book to be even better then I expected. Incremental Improvements are just that, small things we can do to improve our lives to the fullest. The author gives different aspects of your life that can be improved and by addressing the initial problem we can change these problem areas.
I loved this book and feel that anyone who wants to change themselves. I also think this is a book that college students should read before they graduate to help them in the neverending struggles that can lead to some of the problems that this author addresses.
- Jennifer
A quick, insightful, read that applies his philosophy of a small steady change is best and lasting to all things. This is a very encouraging approach to moving in a different direction for a positive result. Why not try just a little bit smashes the fear of big changes. I really liked it and will share it with younger adults that are starting out on the journey of life. Thanks, Mr. Brodsky.
- Jeff
Author Mike Brodsky teaches people that in business and personal matters they can control their lives by making a few easy changes in their thinking. An example is instead of wanting things now step back and learn that you can achieve more by taking on things a little at a time instead. He talks about weight loss and having small goals, changing relationships in business steadily setting your sights higher and working to get to a better level, and gaining financial independence by step by step procedures instead of trying to get it all at once. "Incremental Improvements: Change Your Life One Small Step At A Time" is an easy to understand guide to a better life.
- Midwest Book Review