The Key to a Better World

Globe Hands 2

Ask yourself:

Is it better to help others or hurt others?

Is it better to create or to destroy?

Is it better to love or to hate?

Is it better to put up walls, or to remove obstacles?

We live in a global society where the traditional barriers and boundaries are going to continue to disappear, due to changes in technology and transportation, and the trend towards globalization. While there will always be people out there who seek to divide, or to destroy, or to hinder society’s progress in general, you have a choice either to be part of the problem or to be part of the solution.

What does that mean?

When entire groups of people are being blamed for society’s problems, you can either continue to lump everyone together (based on religion, nationality, political affiliation, or some other arbitrary grouping), or you can view individuals based on their own unique personalities and characteristics. To the extent that we are able to give everyone in the world an opportunity to improve their own life situation, this is how we will ultimately change the world for the better.

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